Our Team

Office Staff

Jeff Raabe


Jeff, introduced as the CEO of Lodige Process Technology in March 2017 has 30 years marketing and sales engineering experience with Ploughshare® mixing and processing technology.  Covering customer service, inside sales, domestic and Asian Pacific field sales, this experience includes a wide array of industries and processes which allows him to share technical knowledge and experience with customers. He exhibits a quality that is an honest, common sense approach in sales and marketing to provide solutions and recommendations that truly benefit the customer.  A life-long resident of Northern Kentucky, he is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and holds an MBA from Xavier University.

Greg Glahn


Greg, our Replacement Parts Manager, is a life-long Northern Kentucky resident, has over 38 years of experience with manufactured process equipment which includes test plant technician and replacement parts sales engineering.  This experience with Ploughshare® mixing technology and high intensity mixers, Lodige, Papenmeier and Littleford, provides our customers with a wealth of technical experience with their replacement parts requirements.  Over the years, Greg has, as they say, “seen it all” regarding maintenance and replacement parts.  At Lodige, Greg is a valuable asset in working with our vendors to insure parts meet proper dimensions and specifications.

Kevin Strode

Kevin, Sales Manager for US and Canadian markets, focusing on new equipment sales, parts and service. He has 15 years experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing across multiple industries throughout the US. Kevin has vast technical knowledge in industrial applications and processes. Works with strategic partners to provide steak-holders a problem solving approach to industrial issues that are monetarily sound. A life-long resident of Northern Kentucky, he is a graduate of Morehead State University, and enjoys golf in his free time.

Dan Greenwald

Dan, our engineering resource, is a life-long resident of the Cincinnati Ohio area. His entire career spent at Littleford Day, includes 38 years of design, engineering and project management experience with industrial process equipment and mixer technology. The projects and process applications have covered a broad spectrum within various industries utilizing Ploughshare® Technology so he is a perfect fit for our organization and thoroughly understand our customer’s needs and possesses the engineering expertise to meet their needs. Dan, “wore a lot of hats” and too acted as an engineering liaison with Field Service in trouble shooting maintenance, gearbox and drive issues and developing new machine components in combination with Research and Development.

Jason Girdler

Jason joined our company as a service technician with years of experience in many facets of machinery maintenance and fabrication.  His vast knowledge includes processing systems and rotating machinery, as well as motors, gearboxes, conveyors and electrical components.  Throughout his career, he had acquired good experience in welding and fabrication practices which is valuable in understanding the manufacturing process of Lodige equipment and coordinating the supply chain for various replacement parts.  Jason is a life-long resident of Southeast Indiana, and exhibits that practical and methodical approach in solving mechanical equipment issues.


Rokas Narusevicius


Born in Lithuania and moved to Germany at an early age, Rokas began his career at Gebrüder Lödige in Paderborn Germany in 2012 after completing commercial trade school. His apprenticeship continued for 2 ½ years as he learned all facets of the company, manufacturing, parts sales, engineering, technical development and administration.  After the apprenticeship, he was placed in the customer service area with responsibilities that included various aspects of the replacement parts and service department within the Lödige organization.  We are pleased and excited Rokas will be with LPT USA through March of 2019 and we welcome his expertise and experience with Ploughshare® mixing and processing technology.

Field Representatives

Life Science Technology Applications (food, pharma, cosmetics)

ModWave LLC
Mr. Pär Almhem
1020 Monterey Blvd. #2
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Tel: 310 918-6772

Mixing and Reacting Technologies applications

Kroeger Process Equipment Sales LLC
Mr. Charles R. Kroeger
517 McEnery Alley
Charleston, SC 29412

Office: 843 261-5370
Mobile: 513.235.5996