Our Mission

Lodige Process Technology, the US subsidiary of Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH, inventor of the Ploughshare® Mixer is dedicated to supporting and growing the installed North American Lödige customer base and brand by offering prompt, reliable and superior technical expertise for Ploughshare® technology within the region.


Superior Technology

Ploughshare® Technology

Ploughshare® technology, quite simply is superior technology.  Precise, homogeneous and mechanically fluidized mixing lends itself for multi-functional processes in one vessel; pressure, vacuum, multiphase reactions, thermal processing and drying can all be accomplished.

Our Core Business

Ploughshare® mixer technology is our core business – the heart of our business.  We invented it and understand it better than anyone, the 500 patents speak to that.  For over 70 years, Lödige Process Technology has successfully implemented virtually every conceivable requirement for processing methods in all areas of industry.  Our customers prove that.

Outstanding Process Engineering

We maintain a “think tank”, our in-house technical center, as we continually develop and verify project-specific process engineering procedures. We continually expand our know-how through project independent research, thus impacting industrial mixing and processing technology in all industries around the world.

Manufacturing Expertise

Fabrication Capabilities

Located in Paderborn, Germany, we have two distinct manufacturing facilities, one of which is totally dedicated to stainless steel process equipment to meet stringent sanitary and hygenic specifications for the pharmaceutical and the food industries.  A separate factory is utilized for mild steel fabricated machinery.

Manufacturing Technology

The manufacturing sites utilizes manufacturing technology and processes that are designed and specialized for the plough mixer; whether it be the specialized techniques and equipment utilized for drum roundness to promote precise plough clearances or critical machining and fabrication tolerances necessary for main shaft sealing.

Vertical Integration

Lodige Process Technology is a vertically integrated manufacturing company.  The raw steel is purchased and received as the fabrication is performed on site in our factory in Paderborn.  Not relying on others, we control the complete manufacturing process which gives us the capability to perform quality control throughout the machine manufacturing; quality control is an ongoing process at Lodige Process Technology, not something done just at final assembly.

Reliable and Experienced Customer Support in the USA

Strong North American Commitment

Establishing Lodige Process Technology USA in March of 2015, and assembling an experienced team, displays a solid commitment to the North American market base. Not only are we the support office for our customer base but to those of Papenmeier, Littleford and Drais.  Soon we will be providing testing availability at our Florence, KY location.

Global Support, World-Wide Influence

Remember, we also have a great support team in Paderborn Germany who have a complete staff of mechanical, process and technical engineers and chemists on staff. Having provided over 30,000 machines over 7 decades, each with diverse specifications and requirements, we never hesitate to ask for that “second opinion” from our global team.

Practical Process Engineering Expertise and Experience

Application insight into all the processes for which Lodige Process Technology equipment is being utilized.  Whether it be simple mixing to sophisticated high temperature pressure reactions, we have seen and lived the process. We are realists too, some applications are not a fit for us, and we will tell you that instead of wasting your time and ours…refreshing to hear, isn’t it?

Historical Knowledge

We are proud that our staff has experience with Ploughshare® technology since 1978 which gives us personal and valuable historical knowledge of many industries and applications.  No company in the USA can claim this advantage.